Spice Up Your Basement Bar: 17 Ideas for a Beautiful Bar Space

Looking for ways to spice up your basement bar? Whether you’re on the hunt for some low-budget, high-impact ideas to reinvent your space or you’re starting from scratch in your basement bar design, this article includes plenty of strategies to make your basement bar look, feel, and function as a friendly, welcoming, and inviting space. Read on to find ideas that resonate with you and your own space and style!

Create a seamless flow from the basement living area to the bar, and vice versa, for a cozy and intuitive vibe in the basement overall. Dark columns here frame the bar space to set it apart create a special feel.{found on kylehuntpartners}.

An accent wall makes for an immediate attraction to an eat-in area by the basement bar. Bonus: They’re back in vogue. Love the combination of this cool color with roughened wood details, too.{found on hgtv}.

Incorporate a flat-screen TV directly into your basement bar design scheme, and you’re on the fast track to instant success in the enjoyment factor of your guests. Don’t forget the comfortable seating if you go this route, though!{found on countryclubhomesinc}.

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