Are you tired of losing your keys and running around the house every morning trying to find them – and not be late for work? Are you tired of everyone’s keys being found in every nook and cranny of the house and helping create the pile of mayhem on the kitchen counters? Well, all you need is a key rack to store your essentials, make them easier to find and help tidy up! Let’s have a peek at 10 of our favorite, stylish key racks and see if one could work for your home and your keys.

If you’re lucky enough to find one of these in a store, that’s great! But, this is also a great DIY  for someone to try their hands at. Wood and old silverware are the “key” components here and all you need is some imagination and you can even have a spot to keep your cell phones too!

For some extra pop, pizzazz and unique take a look at this Lego made key rack! Each of your most important keys will have a Lego attached to their keychain for easy application and you’ll get a fun the whole family can and will enjoy for the house.

Here’s a traditional and feminine piece made for a cozy home but also ones that need its keys found in an easy manner. Hang this in the foyer, by the back door or even in the kitchen where everyone has a place to put their important pieces.{found on jennasuedesign}.

Here’s a cute, cottage-esque piece that fits perfectly in with a springtime-themed porch design. Of course, it would add as a pretty accent in the kitchen or breakfast nook as well, and the function is only a benefit to its charming quality.{found on site}.