How To Decorate With Golden Accents

Certain colors are best used in small amounts. It’s the case with red or gold, which make wonderful accent colors. Yet incorporating them in the décor is tricky and requires careful planning. When working with golden accents, there are lots of ways in which the color can be used to highlight certain details in the design.

For example, this is a lovely example of how gold as a color can elevate a simple design and give it an elegant and sophisticated look. When used in combination with pure and neutral colors such as white, gold becomes feminine and quite versatile.

On the other hand, when used in combination with black, gold often creates a sophisticated and somewhat conservative look. This is a classic combo and the golden elements are usually used to outline certain patterns or shapes.

To create a beautiful balance, try a black and white combo with a few golden hints. For example, a few golden throw pillows on the sofa and a golden wall clock. The rest of the décor is very simple in terms of colors but not monotonous thanks to the array of patterns included.

Even though gold is a striking color, difficult to ignore even when used in small amounts, it’s possible to make it blend in. for example, the golden side table, ottomans and pillows are within a contrasting setting that includes wood features with a beautiful color very close to that of the golden accents.

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