Fancy Furniture Designs With Marble Tops

Marble has so many great uses it’s hard to say which one is the most common. Marble tiles are really popular but so are marble slabs used on the wall. And there are also the forever stylish marble countertops. Today we’ll focus on furniture that features marble tops.

This round coffee table features an elegant chrome base and a marble top. The design is simple and the combination of materials is interesting.

This rectangular coffee table features two marble elements. It has a marble top as well as a matching bottom shelf. The design is symmetrical, simple but also sophisticated.{found on heliotropearchitects}.

And speaking of simple designs, take a look at this cute little table. It’s a miniature dining table and is the perfect accent piece to complement this cheerful living room décor.{found on caitlinwilson}.

Given how simple and breezy this living room décor is and considering the arched windows and doors, If’d say that a marble coffee table is exactly what the space needed to feel grounded and complete.{found on claudialujan}.

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